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Shit I Bought And Liked is exactly what it sounds like—a twice monthly newsletter about things I’ve bought and liked, plus some anecdotes, asides, and recommendations from our community (very affectionately known as “Shitters.”) It’s a fun, informal place to share my best recommendations with all of you. I’ve written about everything from beauty products to grocery store finds to gift guides to the best leggings of all time (I’m serious, they’re that good). Subscribe to the newsletter—you’ll like it, I promise.

Who Picks This Shit Out?

Hi! I’m Priyanka! I’m a writer in New York City and I buy a lot of (good) shit. You might know me from my day job hosting What A Day, Crooked Media’s daily news podcast. My work has also appeared in Time Magazine, Real Simple, Crooked’s What A Day newsletter, and all over Twitter.

Want to get in touch? Find me at priyanka.aribindi@gmail.com or reply to any issue of Shit I Bought and Liked! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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I host the podcast What A Day and write the newsletter Shit I Bought and Liked